Covid 19 Update

Although you may not need to contact us at this current time, we thought it pertinent to update you all on our response to the Corona Virus outbreak and the measures we are putting in place to enable us to continue to provide an uninterrupted service, as well as protecting ourselves and our clients: - Firstly, at this present time, the office is…

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It’s an incredible shrinking world!

It was two fingers from Cadburys when they reduced the weight of their Chocolate Fingers packs in 2015 and official figures show a whopping 2,500 products have shrunk in size but not in price since 2012!Labelled as “Shrinkflation” by the Office for National Statistics, their research shows products from chocolate bars to toilet rolls have all got…

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Wake up and smell the coffee – banks Costa you more than you think!

Putting money in a standard UK bank savings account or cash ISA will see your savings shrink, not grow.How come? Well, typical bank interest rates are below the cost of inflation – the amount prices rise and affect how much it costs us to live.Let’s say you’ve had £1,000 in a high street bank savings or cash ISA account for the past 10 years.…

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Busted – the 7 biggest myths of investing

Think investing is only for the rich? You’re not alone. There are many myths about investing that simply aren’t true. Understanding what these are will help you become a savvy saver and get your money working much harder for you.1) Investing is only for the wealthy...Wrong! You can get started with a small amount and build it up by making regular…

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The secret to becoming wealthy – bypass the banks!

Why do the rich just seem to get richer? It’s a fact that money makes money and a key reason for this is due to compound interest.It may sound like financial jargon but the way it works is simple. When you set up a savings plan, after a set amount of time you usually get a small amount of money added in the form of interest. This means you then have…

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Moneyworks Spring 2017 Newsletter

Moneyworks Spring 2017 NewsletterIn this edition we look at the impact of Brexit and the drop in the Bank of England base rate to 0.25% and ask: What does this mean for your money? find outClick here  to read the full article

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Moneyworks Autumn Newsletter

Moneyworks Autumn NewsletterIn this edition we look at the impact of Brexit and the drop in the Bank of England base rate to 0.25% and ask: What does this mean for your money? find out Click here   to read the full article

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Moneyworks Spring Newsletter

Moneyworks Spring NewsletterThis report focuses on the tricky but important issue of estate planning –putting your financial house in order now to help to avoid your loved ones being left to pick up the pieces and foot the bill when you are gone.Click here  to download this newsletter.

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Moneyworks Summer Newsletter

Maneyworks Summer NewsletterIn this edition - Why Sir James Dyson is frustrated by the lack of support for tomorrow’s inventors and why he wants Britain to leave the EU.Click here  to read more

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Moneyworks Winter Newsletter

MoneyWorks Winter newsletterFollowing the pension reforms we look at how the new rules have made leaving your pension as an inheritance to your loved ones a much more favourable financial option, and why if you have just a few more years left in work, now is the time to take control of your pension options.Click here  to read the full article

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