What were the circumstances that caused you to look for a Financial adviser?

I was looking for a tax efficient manner in which to invest a large lump sum as well as make routine investments over a 20+ year period. After being let down by a large national financial institution, I looked for a local, family-orientated financial advisor and Joe has so far absolutely delivered: arriving exactly on time, catering for my needs and promptly following up our appointment with a detailed analysis of my requirements.

How did Joe help you?

Joe ably steered me through some of the complexities of taxation regulations for investments and savings as well as the range of options available for large lump sum investments. He explained everything in detail and his follow up report was very clear and catered for my requirements. Importantly, Joe's experience exposed me to investment considerations that I had not previously envisioned that were by far the better options for my needs.

What is your current situation? Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for?

I was very happy with the advice and report received which enabled me to reconsider my previous assumptions on the best way to invest a large lump sum in a tax efficient manner. As a result my initial investment will be considerably higher than if I had pursued my previous course of action. So, overall very happy at this stage and ready to invest for the long term with the peace of mind that I am doing so based on the best information and analysis available to me at the time.

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